Too many people shy away from smiling because of their crooked teeth. We aim to fix this and help patients who feel self-conscious over their teeth. If this describes you and you feel embarrassed by misaligned teeth, reach out to our dentist for a solution! We offer quality braces in Dallas, Texas, that can straighten your teeth and bring your smile to life.

The dental practice of Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS can be the place where you create a relationship with your dentist and build a stunning smile. Braces help with many orthodontic problems, including the repositioning of the teeth or correcting an overbite or severe underbite. Addressing these issues can help you gain confidence in your smile and make eating, speaking and chewing much easier. This process is scheduled out over an extended period of time that varies from patient to patient. Traditional braces are cemented brackets, connected by a wire, that apply pressure on the teeth and slowly move them into the right places. Each orthodontic patient will come into the office on different occasions to have their braces tightened, which will continually help their teeth shift to the correct positions. In some situations, bands will be used that slowly maneuver the patient’s teeth and change the bone shape. By the time the braces are removed, the patient will have a straight, even smile!

Dr. Jeff Jones is pleased to provide braces for both teens and adults at our offices. Come in to see us and we will discuss whether braces are the right solution for you!