Many people cringe at the phrase “Say Cheese!” and show a faint, closed-mouthed smile while the camera flashes and captures the picture. If this is you and you are embarrassed by your crooked, twisted teeth, you don’t have to be! We offer braces in Dallas, Texas, that will straighten your teeth and bring your smile to life.

The dental practice of Jeff Jones, DDS can be the place where you create a relationship with your dentist and build a stunning smile. Braces help with many things, including the repositioning of your teeth or correcting an overbite or underbite. This will help you gain confidence in your smile and make eating and chewing much easier. This is a longer process where cemented brackets, connected by a wire, apply pressure on your teeth and slowly move them. You will come into the office on different occasions to have your braces tightened, which will continually help your teeth shift to the right position. In some situations, bands will be used that slowly maneuver your teeth and change the bone shape. You will have a straight, even smile by the time your braces are removed!

Dr. Jones is pleased to provide this option for both teens and adults. Come in to see us and we will discuss whether braces are the right solution for you!