Dental bridges are a wonderful way to fill any undesired gaps in your mouth. Deciding to take advantage of a dental bridge can bring back your fantastic smile, give you the ability to chew with ease, and prevent any natural teeth from drifting or sliding out of place. Dr. Jones and Dr. Buck are here for you and can insert a bridge if you have one or multiple teeth missing. We offer bridges here at the dental practice of Jeff Jones, DDS to help you eat wisely and smile nicely!

A dental bridge in Dallas, Texas, can anchor on existing teeth or dental implants. Your bridge can be made from gold, alloys, silver or porcelain and will also preserve the shape of your face. Your dentist will secure your bridge by placing crowns on the existing teeth on both sides. If there are no existing teeth, the bridge can be attached to dental implants that are surgically embedded into your jaw. This process will not only reflect the image of natural teeth, but it will also reflect the image of healthy roots and make the bridge insertion strong and reliable.

If you wish to fill that gap, eat with ease, and smile with confidence, make an appointment with us today and you will finally get the chance to enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile!