Do you ever find yourself wishing back those fabulous teeth that helped you eat, talk and bite? Well, the dental practice of Jeff Jones, DDS is here to help! We offer full and partial dentures in Dallas, Texas, that will make your wishes come true.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Buck can replace your missing teeth with dentures that substitute a few or all of your teeth. With these two options of full and partial dentures, you can decide when to have the dentures in and when you would rather leave them out. They are removable appliances that restore your smile and give you the ability to chew and speak normally again.

Using a denture can not only help you perform natural tasks, but it can also improve your smile and keep your facial muscles from sagging. The denture resembles your natural teeth and has the ability of filling out your facial appearance. These full and partial dentures are custom made for you and will help you reach your goal of having a healthy oral experience.

We welcome you to call our offices today and begin the steps of finally getting your smile back! Our dentists are passionate in helping you finally feel the happiness you deserve, and we will be happy to be your home for dental care.