Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime. But there are times, however, when the life of a tooth is threatened by oral disease and infection. If this happens, there is still a way to keep the tooth alive and restore your smile. Through root canal therapy, Dr. Jeff Jones is happy to help preserve the life and structure of a damaged tooth.

Root canal therapy is a procedure meant to repair the living tissue within a tooth. During this procedure, your tooth is opened and any infected or otherwise unsalvageable pulp is removed. Once the damaged pulp has been cleared out, our dentist will clean, shape, fill and seal your tooth. We offer root canal therapy to relieve toothaches that come with extensive damage, prevent the spread of infection to other teeth and encourage the tooth to begin the healing process.

If your tooth is left untreated, it could result in cracking, breaking or other serious injuries. Not only can it cause more pain, further infection can also require you to sit through many more dental procedures. We will treat any infected or dead teeth here at the dental practice of Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS and rid you of any swelling or pain. Avoid complications and schedule a root canal in Dallas, Texas.

If you are experiencing any discomfort in your mouth or teeth, please call and make an appointment with Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS’s offices. Our dentist will be happy to offer our services and put your frown upside down!