Do you often have sleepless nights due to snoring, sleep apnea, or your tongue collapsing in the back of your throat? Dr. Jones and Dr. Buck offer sleep dentistry and snoring treatment that can help you sleep throughout the night without a problem.

We offer a custom-fitted oral appliance at the dental practice of Jeff Jones, DDS that keeps your airway open during sleep. Sleep dentistry and snoring treatment, promotes adequate air intake and keeps your airway open throughout the night. This product not only helps you breathe, but it also gives your brain and body the oxygen they need to survive. The oral appliance is a small, plastic device that fits in your mouth like a retainer or mouth guard. It is a comfortable and easy appliance that can be taken with you anywhere. This is a perfect solution to helping you sleep safe and sound in your own home. If you are considering this option but are not sure if you will like it, there is no need to worry. This appliance is reversible and can be removed easily. We want to make sure we find a product that will make you as comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in treatment for snoring or sleep apnea in Dallas, Texas, call the office today and our dentists can find the right treatment for you!