Do you yearn for your long-lost teeth and want to again enjoy a beautiful smile? Don’t want to deal with dentures or go through the long process of getting implants? The dental practice of Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS has an answer for you—and it will take less effort and less time than you’d expect.

Dr. Jeff Jones offers “teeth in a day” treatment that will give you the teeth you want in as little as one day. This implant procedure will give you natural-like teeth that function normally. You will be able to brush and clean these teeth as usual, and you will never have to take them out. We offer teeth in a day in Dallas, Texas, because it can restore your facial features, allow you to eat all of your favorite foods again, prevent bone deterioration and much more. This is an option that will give you permanent teeth without a long and painful process. We place four dental implants per arch, and they are placed at a special angle that will increase contact by utilizing the support of your bone.

If you are interested in teeth in a day in Dallas, Texas, and currently have dentures or will need dentures in the future, call our offices today. We will be happy to schedule a day when our dentist can give you your brand-new smile!