Do you ever notice your silver fillings and wish you could leave your dentist appointment without such noticeable restorations? We offer white dental fillings in Dallas, Texas, that look so natural you won’t even know they are there. Come over to the office of Jeff Jones, DDS and take care of those cavities that have been quietly forming and progressing over time.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Buck provide a composite resin, or white filling, that is durable, long lasting, and will combat the stress of the normal, everyday chewing. These are proven to be very successful and also allow you to laugh and smile without showing any silver substances in your teeth. White fillings are made from powdered glass or quartz combined with a resin base. This is a process that can be a good choice for those afraid of any drilling or hard dental procedures. Your dentist will simply bond the white filling in place, which can mean less drilling involved. The filling also protects the tooth from any dramatic temperatures and can support remaining tooth structure by preventing any breaks.

Come in and take care of those cavities and always feel the comfort of seeing whole, white teeth when you leave!