Dentures Can Offer These Six Benefits

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Unfortunate dental circumstances such as tooth loss and severe tooth damage can harm your smile to the point that you need dentures to regain its appearance and function. At Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS, you can receive customized dentures that replace all or most of your teeth to meet your dental needs. You are welcome to review the following six benefits of dentures to learn how they impact your smile and your quality of life:

– Durability: Of the many options for dental restorations, dentures are among the most durable, and with proper care, they can last for many, many years.

– Reliability: Dentures are known to deliver reliable results for your smile, holding up even under extreme conditions such as tooth grinding.

– Age defiance: If you have developed sunken jaws after tooth loss that make your face look older, you may need dentures to support the jaw structure and help you maintain a young and pleasing appearance.

– Customization: Dentures come in the form of full and partial denture appliances to meet your tooth replacement needs by filling a full arch of teeth or a large area of tooth loss.

– Quality: While tooth loss affects your smile and overall quality of life, you can gain it back by being fitted with a customized set of dentures that meet your needs.

– Comfort: Advancements in dentistry have enabled modern dentures to be much more comfortable and reliable than they were in the past.

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