Getting Past Your Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety is a very common problem for many people. Some people may feel some mild unease when it comes to seeing the dentist, while other people may experience very real fear. But no matter how real your fear may be, if you skip or avoid your dentist appointments because of it, the result can be trouble for you and your teeth. So you need to get beyond your fears and get to the dentist.

That may sound like it easier said than done, but it is possible. One thing you can do is not keep your concerns to yourself. Our dentists, Dr. Jeffrey Jones and Dr. Kelly Buck understand that people can feel uneasy about seeing the dentist and will be happy to talk with you. Sometimes, if you understand what will happen during your visit, you may feel more comfortable. You may also want to arrange to have a signal you can give the dentist during your appointment, in case you need a break for a few minutes. If you are concerned about pain, and many people are, let the dentist know, so that he can take steps to make sure that your appointment is pain-free. Sometimes, a distraction may help. You may want to bring your phone with you so you can listen to your favorite music, or podcast to take your mind off of your appointment.

Don’t be defeated by your dental anxiety in Dallas, Texas. At Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS, rest assured that we will be happy to work with to help you overcome those fears so that you can get the healthy, functional smile that you want and need. To facilitate this process we also offer you oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation to help you relax and have a comfortable treatment.

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