Healthy Snacks for Halloween Night

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Halloween is an exciting time for both children and adults, but what many don’t know is that Halloween can be a scary time for our smiles. With all of the candy and treats available, tooth decay is not far behind, and it’s extremely important that you do your best to care for your smile as well your trick-or-treaters’ smiles. So, to help you do so, we strongly recommend passing out healthy snacks on Halloween night. Some of those snacks could be:

• Dark chocolate
• Nuts
• Sugar-free candy
• Sugar-free gum
• Popcorn
• Granola bars
• Pretzels
• Apples
• Sugar-free lollipops

Additional items you can hand out include toothbrushes, water bottles, temporary tattoos, puzzles, and small games. These prizes will entertain and hydrate the neighborhood children as well as keep their smiles nice and clean.

No matter which treats or prizes you decide to hand out, make sure you do not give the trick-or-treaters hard, sticky, or sour candy. These treats are very damaging to the smile. They cling to the teeth and produce acid in the mouth, which generally results in tooth decay. So, help your neighborhood kids this year by giving out delicious yet healthy Halloween candy!

If you would like to know more or if you would like additional suggestions on healthier Halloween treats, call our office today. We are happy to help you in any way we can!