How to Avoid Issues During Orthodontic Treatment

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If you want the best and most successful orthodontic treatment possible, our Jeffrey V. Jones, DDS team recommends taking good care of your smile and appliance. If you don’t, major issues can occur and there is a high chance that your treatment time will be delayed. So, to keep your smile and orthodontic appliance in tip-top shape, we recommend doing the following things:

Keep up on oral hygiene
For the best results possible, it’s best to brush and floss your teeth often, especially after you’ve eaten a meal or snack. Brushing and flossing will help eliminate the food particles and plaque that tend to cling to the crevices of your smile. If you don’t remove these substances on a regular basis, your smile can become victim to tooth decay, enamel stains, and gum disease.

Avoid certain foods
As you may already know, there are certain foods that are strongly discouraged while you are aligning your smile with braces. Starchy, sugary, sticky, and chewy foods can create tooth decay and can also break the brackets and wires on your appliance. So, please be smart about your food choices.

Wear a mouthguard
Mouthguards are very beneficial, especially when you are aligning your teeth. The appliance can protect your teeth and braces from any hard, forceful object that hits them, reducing your chances of oral injury. So, if you are active in any way, whether it’s with sports or recreational activities, we recommend wearing a mouthguard.

Doing these three things will help you have the most successful orthodontic experience possible. We also encourage you to keep up with your routine checkups and do everything you can to keep your appliance from breaking. That way nothing will stand in your way of achieving a perfect smile. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about orthodontics in Dallas, Texas, please call 214-824-2130 and talk to Dr. Jeff Jones. We are happy to help you!