Is Flossing Really Important?

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It’s the question you’re asked at every dentist appointment, and the one that only four in ten Americans can respond positively to – do you floss regularly?

The amount of adults who don’t floss regularly is surprising, especially considering the fact that every dentist, especially Dr. Jeff Jones, makes a big deal out of the importance of flossing.

So let’s look at why it’s really important and why you need to start flossing today.

Prevents gum disease

The most beneficial aspect of flossing regularly (which is defined as flossing just once a day) is the role it plays in preventing gum disease. Since floss gets in between the cracks of your teeth, right along the gums, it helps remove food particles and other debris that, if left on your gums, can cause gingivitis.

That’s far from an ideal situation to be in, and it’s so easy to prevent gum disease simply by flossing once a day.

Better oral health

Brushing your teeth does a lot to clean them, but it doesn’t get them as thoroughly as it could. Brushing only gets about two-thirds of your teeth clean, while flossing can reach the other third your toothbrush can’t. This ends up providing you with far better oral health than if you only brushed.

Flossing only takes a few extra minutes out of your day, but it’s worth the effort. Just plan a few more minutes at night and implement it into your oral health routine. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.