The Benefit of Wearing Braces

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Adolescence is a time of great physical change in the human body. One of these changes involves all of your child’s 20 baby teeth being replaced by their 32 permanent teeth. When this happens the changes in the shape of your child’s mouth, as well as any teeth that required extraction in childhood, can cause some of their teeth to fall into a compromised alignment.

Overbites or underbites are where their upper or lower jaw is larger, or is positioned further out from the other, which can also be improved by wearing braces.

How far your child’s teeth are out of alignment or how much of an over or under-bite they might have, will greatly influence just how long they will need to wear braces.

Over the course of time and multiple adjustment sessions, your child’s periodontal ligaments will be stretched and moved closer to their ideal alignment. Dr. Jeff Jones usually schedules adjustment sessions four to six weeks apart. This give the periodontal ligaments time to accept their new position.

Once your child’s teeth achieve their ideal alignment, Dr. Jeff Jones will provide a custom retainer. This will need to be worn for a specific period of time while the residual tension in the periodontal ligaments subsides.

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