The Complications from a Missing Dental Filling Can Be Severe

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Dental fillings are commonly used to repair a tooth that has been compromised by a small cavity or a minor dental fracture. They are made from special dental materials that resist the bacterial influence of tooth decay. However, inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene regimen could encourage the natural bacteria in your mouth to weaken the surrounding tooth enamel.

As this starts to happen you might notice a distressed dental filling by a change in color, texture, or heightened sensitivity. Other times, you might not notice any obvious symptoms of a bad dental filling before it falls out.

If one of your dental fillings has fallen out, you need to have it examined and treated by Dr. Jeff Jones. The compromised dental structure could put the tooth at extreme risk of a dental fracture. The newly exposed area could also trap food particles and bacterial deposits allowing a new cavity to form deep within the distressed tooth.

If the missing dental filling was small, Dr. Jeff Jones might be able to repair the tooth by removing a small amount of additional tooth enamel. This will ensure a clean and healthy surface to bond a new dental filling in place.

If the missing dental filling compromised a large area of the tooth enamel, Dr. Jeff Jones might need to restore the tooth with a dental crown. This treatment will replace the entire tooth enamel layer with another material such as gold, porcelain, or a base metallic alloy.

If the interior of the tooth was also compromised, Dr. Jeff Jones might need to perform a root canal. This will remove any damaged or decayed material. Then he will create a new structure capable of anchoring a dental crown.

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