Try a Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Is your smile suffering from a bad look due to a few rogue teeth? Is your entire smile needing to be upgraded? If so, there are plenty of dental procedures that can be used for a wide array of benefits within the family of cosmetic dentistry. Try a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry. Listed below are some common types of questions to consider:

Are you looking to enhance the natural look of teeth?
– If so, teething whitening treatments are excellent sources to remove stains and discolorations from your teeth. These can be done with varying results from store-bought products or done with maximum results from professional tooth whitening treatments at the dentist office.

Are you looking to conceal the fronts of teeth?
– If you are only looking to cover up the fronts of your natural teeth, dental veneers are one of the best services to accomplish this. They use durable, thin shells designed to conceal damage and are capable of lasting over a decade.

Are you looking to fully cover teeth?
– If you are looking to fully conceal teeth, dental crowns can cap all sides of a tooth down to the gum line. Not only are they customizable for the look you desire, they also protect the teeth from further damage.

Are you looking to replace missing teeth?
– If you are looking to replace missing teeth, a temporary cosmetic treatment to try is dentures. For a more permanent solution, dental bridges and dental implants can be used.

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