Using a Water Flosser for Your Braces

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So you are already brushing and flossing your teeth daily, perhaps even using a fluoridated mouthwash, and keeping up with all scheduled cleanings. But if you are wearing braces, you might want to consider incorporating a water flosser into your daily routine for optimal oral health care.

Why a water flosser? A water flosser is a device which streams pulsating water onto your teeth and gums to wash away bacteria that would love to stick to your teeth and turn into plaque and tartar. Unlike a wax coated string which you rub up and down in between teeth to loosen food particles, a water flosser uses water to get into hard to reach crevices and back areas of the mouth where your molars sit. And molars are a prime area for food debris to collect and enter the cracks and fissures in the tooth.

A water flosser is an easy to use device, no more difficult to use than a sonic toothbrush, and you can choose your water temperature in case you have sensitive teeth. Your water flosser may come with various tips, and a helpful one is the orthodontic tip that reaches around dental braces and is easier to use than dental floss for people with braces, with its tapered brush on the end to remove debris.

You may want to put a cap of mouthwash into the water flosser water, and be careful to keep your lips semi closed until you get used to the force of the water so that it doesn’t spray you. Also start the water pressure low and work your way up. It does not have to be blasting to be effective!

Many patients swear by their water flosser, and while there is some debate that they may not be as effective as regular wax flossing, they are certainly better than not flossing and some patients have even reported using both.

Take good care of your pearly whites, especially while wearing braces and you will keep your well-earned smile forever! Please let us help you with any questions regarding your oral health.