Before providing you with a cosmetic, restorative or orthodontic treatment, our dentists will create a diagnostic wax-up model of your teeth to help plan your treatment. This simple physical model makes it easier to determine which treatments are right for you and to simulate possible treatment outcomes. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Jones and Dr. Taryn Pogoda, and for more information about diagnostic wax-ups in Dallas, Texas, give us a call today!

While advances in technology make it possible for us to create 3D digital models of your teeth, our dentists and team have continued to create and use wax-up models to help plan your treatment. As wax-up models are physical representations of your mouth, they accurately reflect the size, shape and condition of your mouth. This allows us to assess your mouth before, during and after treatment and to use actual dental items on the model to simulate treatment outcomes. For example, we can test braces on the model, or use the model to test and create tooth replacement options or dental veneers. This allows you to see how your treatment will work and helps our dentists ensure that your final treatment is created properly and fits and functions well for you before your actual treatment happens.

If you have any questions about your diagnostic wax-up model, and to set up your appointment with our experienced dentists, please contact our office and speak with a member of our team.